Wiebe Family Photo Shoot

I’m so excited to be able to share the Wiebe’s family pictures with you! This was my first Spring family session, and I enjoyed it so much! It was such a joy to work with their small family! I know you probably think photographers just say that every time, and, well, maybe we do. But that’s because we get such great clients!  

 Nella did a great job of choosing outfits for our session, and even though the grass wasn’t as green as I had been hoping for for my first spring family session, the pictures still turned out gorgeous. We were able to get pictures of the whole family together, just of Savannah, and of Mommy and Daddy.

 Little Savannah wasn’t having the pictures at first. Of course, getting pictures taken normally isn’t the first things on a toddler’s to-do list; plus, having a mom as a photographer, she is already in front of the camera often enough. But with time, she warmed up to me. She especially liked it when her daddy tossed her into the air!

 Something I love about family sessions, is that every session is so unique! Children can be a bit unpredictable, but they bring so much life to the session! Yes, there are challenges that come with working with children, but I’ve come to love it! The more I work with the families, the more I learn how to deal with the different scenarios that come along with it!

  Thank you Nella and Willie for allowing me to capture your family’s memories!

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