Mini Sessions- Everything You Need To Know

You’ve probably heard the term mini session many times. But what exactly is a mini session and what would be the reason you would choose that over a full session?

First of all, what is a mini session?

A mini session is…

~A shorter session (for me that means a fifteen minute session, but the time varies according to the photographer)

~A limited amount of high resolution images with the option to buy the full gallery

~A location chosen by the photographer

~A specific day set aside by the photographer for the minis

~Normally seasonal (spring, fall, Easter, Christmas, etc.)

As opposed to a full session which includes a thirty minute to an hour session, with 50+ high resolution images, where you can choose your own location and date.

Are mini sessions a good option for you? Why would you choose a mini session over a full session?

The reasons people chose mini sessions over a full session are definitely varied. It can be as simple as knowing that it’s cheaper, and liking the shorter sessions.

For others, it’s the fact that they like to get updated pictures on a regular basis, so a full session isn’t necessary.

A mini session is a good option for you if…

You want to capture memories, but a full session is a bit out of your price range.

You don’t need a full gallery of images. All you want is a couple of really good pictures.

You don’t want a long session because of energetic children or because your husband/ boyfriend wouldn’t mind getting pictures done, but a full session is just too long for them.

You are wanting to update your pictures regularly, so getting a full session with a lot of pictures isn’t necessary, since you’ll be getting them done again in the not too near future.

A mini session isn’t a good option for you if…

You want a full gallery with lots of images. If “the more the better” is you motto, a full session is definitely a better option.

You have a specific location you are really wanting to use.

You are a big family or group of friends.

You need it to be on a specific day.

So if you’ve decided that a mini session is a good option for you, I would love to capture those memories for you! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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