Beautiful Snowy Couple’s Photo Shoot

They’ve taught me everything I know about love. During my growing up years, I’ve watched them in their marriage, and they’ve taught me that I want nothing less in mine. No, they haven’t been perfect. They have their flaws, and they would be the first to admit it. But they love each other, and not just with their own love. They’ve shown me that a marriage and love that lasts, comes from loving one another with Christ’s love. Because ultimately, every marriage is supposed to be a reflection of Christ and His love for His bride, the church.

This is my mom and dad. Dad co-owns a oil change/mechanic shop. Mom is a midwife’s assistant. They are youth leaders together, and both such an inspiration!

And yes, they support my photography business! I love being able to take pictures of them. The first time I did it, I wondered if it would feel a little awkward taking pictures of my parents, but I soon found out otherwise. We talked and joked as we took pictures, and Dad couldn’t help but laugh at some of the poses I put them into. (His laugh makes the pictures look all the more natural, so I don’t mind!)

This snowy photo shoot took place the day after Valentine’s Day, which also happens to be the anniversary of when Dad proposed. We children love the story, not so much because it’s romantic, but because Dad didn’t mean to propose on Valentine’s Day! It just happened to be on a Saturday, and Mom and Dad were going through baptism classes together. Afterward, they went on a walk. Dad chose that time to pop the question.

This story brings us great amusement, because we know that Dad isn’t the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. He’s much more of a spontaneous gift giver and would rather take Mom out on a date or give her flowers just because, not because its a specific day.

The snow and the anniversary made Mom decide that she wanted pictures taken, and who am I to protest? It was a spontaneous decision, and we went outside right before suppertime to take these pictures. It’s amazing how beautiful snow can make an ordinary yard look!

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for being such a great example to me! I love watching your love for each other! Thank you for your support of me, the good memories you make for us, and for letting me take your pictures to capture you love for each other! May God bless you as you continue your journey in life!

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Beautiful snowy anniversary session
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