West Texas Wedding Details

Joyful. Full of love and laughter. So beautiful. These are the words that pop into my head when I think of this West Texas Wedding. The details were beautiful! Yet as beautiful as the details were, they couldn’t compare to the ones we came together to celebrate! These two radiated joy their entire day. Even when things didn’t go quite as planned, they were completely calm. It rained right over the time the first look was supposed to be. (Whoever thought we would say that in Texas? I’ve had to replan certain things because of wind, but not very easily because of rain!) Because of that, we had to find a different location for the first look. Yet even though it wasn’t ideal, we made the best of it and they trusted me to make the pictures look amazing anyway!

The Details

With as beautiful as this couple was, it’s no wonder their wedding details were gorgeous! Her wedding dress was elegant and flowy. The cream colored flowers complimented the purple of the bridesmaid’s dresses perfectly! The arch where they stood was beautifully decorated with purple flowers and lights that added the perfect glowy touch as they stood under it to say their vows! And my personal favorite detail, the box that the rings were in! The wooden box was a beautiful detail that found itself in many of the detail shots I did!

Then there was a surprise at the end of the wedding day. A limousine came and picked up the bridal party and family! The bride and groom wanted to give their closest people a special gift, and the looks on their faces couldn’t have been better! A limo ride was the perfect way to end the day!

Greta and Abe, thank you for allowing me to capture your special day! Your joy was infectious and I was blessed to be a part of your day! You made your day beautiful and special, but that was nothing compared with how you made sure your day honored God! May God bless you as you continue in your married life!

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