Sweet West Texas One Year Old Session

little boy smiling in a rocking chair

Teddy bears, rocking chairs, a few tears, and the most adorable smiles! This West Texas one year old session was so sweet! I had so much fun with this little guy, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

The session started off with our seeing ominous clouds in the distance, and hoping the rain would stay away long enough for us to get all of our pictures done! And it did! It rained later on, but stayed clear long enough for us to finish our session. And little Junior did so good on his session. His smile is enough to brighten anyone’s day! It’s obvious that he’s thrilled to be turning one!

His parents brought some neat props to add to the session. I have to say, one of my favorite images was of his hugging his teddy bear! But it comes as a close second to the pictures of his holding his mommy and daddy’s hands with a huge smile on his face! Such a sweet moment!

Anyone knows that with toddlers sessions are often not always easy. This session was no exception. Junior wasn’t sure about the feel of the grass even when he was sitting on the picnic blanket. But with some snacks and a bit of creativity, we were still able to capture the images that Mom was hoping for. Yes, we do have some pictures where he was crying, but we also have plenty where he was smiling so adorably! Big sister was a huge help, standing behind me and making him laugh! I am always grateful for the help I get in getting genuine smiles from the littles! Often it’s brothers and sisters that are able to get those smiles better than anyone else.

I am so grateful to have been able to capture this little guy’s one year old pictures!

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