Finding the Perfect Location-Couple Session

Couple Sessions, whether it’s an anniversary session, engagement session, or a “just for the fun of it” session, are a big deal! You choose your photographer, pick the date, and now it’s time for the planning! Finding the perfect location for your session doesn’t have to be complicated! Here are some tips to help you find the perfect location!

Before I dive into these tips, I want to preface this by saying that your photographer should be your number one resource! Checking out their Instagram, blog, and website will give you a good idea of what type of location would be a good fit for you!

Finding the Perfect Location

Think of places that are special to you two. Maybe it’s the place you got engaged. Maybe it’s a special date location. It could be your own property. You may find your special location in the places right around you! Thinking of places that are special to you in particular, is a good place to start when thinking about locations.

Think about things that reflect what you two love. What are things that you love to do together? What are things that reflect your personalities? These things could help you decide what your are looking for in a location. For example, I had two clients close together (the ladies involved even had the same name! What are the chances of that happening!) who had very different interest. One went for a very rustic look for her couple session. We choose an older building in downtown Lamesa, and it was beautiful. But the other young lady wasn’t looking for rustic, but wanted a very green nature session! Both sessions were absolutely beautiful, but fit the personalities and likes of the clients! (The pictures below show the difference from the two sessions!)

Think of a couple of words that best describe what type of location you are looking for. This plays into the last tip. If you are more of an outdoor couple, some words that might describe what you are looking for could be rustic, outdoorsy, and full of nature. But on the flip side, you might find that the type of location you are looking for is more modern, clean, and editorial. Both are great locations, but very different.

Think outside the box. Is it a possibility to travel outside of your local area for you session? Checking out some locations, whether it’s a larger city an hour away, or a national or state park not too far away, is a great way to get epic couple locations!

Or maybe you have access to a location that would be a really neat place to take pictures! This is a great time to think of places like that!

The Most Important Part

Last of all, remember that the most important part of your session is the two of you! Wherever you choose to do your session, the best part of your session is capturing your love for one another in this stage of life! And that can be done wherever you are!

Want to see some of my couple sessions? Check them out here!

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