Beautiful West Texas Birthday Session

As soon as Anna contacted me about doing a session for her eighteenth birthday, I knew this session was going to be amazing. The day of the session did not disappoint! You definitely don’t want to miss this beautiful West Texas birthday session!

West Texas Birthday Session

The location Anna chose for her session was so beautiful! Even though it was close to town, it looked as though we were in the middle of nowhere. (The long grasses of West Texas definitely have a special place in my heart.:) Anna’s deep red dress complimented the scenery so well! It was such a gorgeous combination.

The morning of the session was quite windy, and we weren’t sure if we would be able to do the session, but we kept an eye on our brown sky, and when it cleared up after lunch, we decided to go with the session even if it was a bit chilly.

Anna did such a great job! You would never be able to tell in the pictures that it was chilly, and she was so game to do whatever I asked her to! I love how she trusted me, even if some of the posing felt a little weird. The results were amazing! (One of my favorite things to say at a session is, “I know this feels a little weird, but I promise you it looks great!”) She laughed through the entire session, and the pictures are a reflection of the beautiful young lady she is inside and out!

Anna, I was honored to be able to capture your birthday session! You are growing into such a godly woman, and I pray that you will continue to serve Him in your eighteenth year and beyond!

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