Downtown Paris Texas Portraits

It was an absolutely beautiful morning, with clear sunshine, a bit of a chilly breeze, and a beautiful glow! Add to that, a beautiful young lady, and you have the makings of beautiful downtown Paris Texas portraits!

Morning sessions are a favorite of mine! The glow of the morning sun, and the freshness of the air- it makes for such a great photo shoot! I was so excited for this morning session in Paris, Texas! We headed to downtown Paris for this session, and it was a great choice! There were so many options of classy building to take pictures by.

Megan chose to wear a black dress for her session, and I must say, it added a very elegant look to her portraits! We started at the town square and worked our way away from there, exploring as we went. We stopped at a bank, a random cute wall, and an epic church with a lot of stairs, where we got my all-time favorite shot! (Have I ever mentioned that I love stairs?) We got a combination of pulled back and tight shots, as well as portraits and candid shots. And we had a lot of fun exploring during the session!

One thing I enjoy about photography is that it gives me an opportunity to meet new people, as well as work with people I already know. In this case, it was the latter. I happen to know Megan VERY well. (She is my sister, for those of you who don’t already know that;) It’s fun when you know just the right things to say that will make her smile, which side she prefers in the pictures, etc.

Megan, thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you again! I always enjoy having you in front of my camera, and I’m thankful that you have always been such a huge supporter of me! Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Anna Reimer says:

    Oooh these do look elegant!!!!

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