Finding the Perfect Location- Family Session

You’ve finally decided to book your family photo session. The date is decided, and now it’s time to start planning. What are some things to look at when trying to find the perfect location for your family session? Here are a couple of tips to help you in the search for finding the perfect location!

Before I dive into specific tips for this, I want to preface this and mention that one of your best resources is your photographer. Check out Instagram, blog posts, website… this is a great way to get your mind around what type of session would be a good fit for your family. Maybe your ideal location is already there! If not, these tips will help you and your photographer figure out what the perfect location for you photo session would be!

Finding the Perfect Location

Think of places that are special to you and your family. Maybe it’s a park that your family loves to go to. Maybe it’s a place your children loved to feed the geese. It could be your own property. You may find your special location in the special places right around you! Thinking of places that are special to you in particular, is a good place to start when thinking about locations.

Think about things that reflect who you and your family are. What are things that you love to do as a family? What are things that reflect the personalities of your family members? These things could help you decide what your are looking for in a location. For example, if you and your family are into Western things, you likely don’t want to choose a fancy building for your location. Perhaps a barn or a more environmental location would be a better fit for you.

Think of a couple of words that best describe what type of location you are looking for. This plays into the last tip. If you are more an outdoor family, some words that might describe what you are looking for could be rustic, outdoorsy, and full of nature. But on the flip side, you might find that the type of location you are looking for is more modern, clean, and editorial. Both are great locations, but very different.

Maybe you don’t have a strong preference. Another idea would be to check out local parks and public areas that are available for photo shoots.

The most important part

Last of all, just remember: the location isn’t the most important part! The most important part is capturing your family’s memories! While you definitely want to choose a location you like, the best part of your session is going to be the love that is captured between you and your family!

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