Church Family Session

Not every family session is as perfect as it seems. There may be moments of shyness or rowdiness. It’s not always easy to get everyone in place. But it is definitely worth it! This beautiful church family session with the Voth family was so much fun, and you don’t want to miss it!

One reason I love working with families with small children is because no two sessions are the same. Sometimes, you get smiles more easily, sometimes you have to work a little harder for them.

Every child is unique and precious, and I love being able to capture their personalities. Sometimes that means capturing images that aren’t “perfect.” We kind of have an image of what an “Instagram worthy” picture looks like. But the truth is, taking pictures of families is far more than getting the “perfect” picture. It is about showing the stage of life your family is in right now. While my goal is to get that picture where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling, I also want to capture the one where the little guy decides he wants to stick out his tongue, or the children decide to run circles around the parents. Because that is special.

I loved working with this little family. The children had personalities all their own, and we got some absolutely adorable shots of them! We had a nice overcast evening, and a beautiful background. The children were a little shy at first, but pretty soon they were running around with a lot of energy! They were absolutely adorable!

The color palette Lisa chose for the session was beautiful and matched well with our background!

Lisa and Eduard, you have the most beautiful family! I so enjoyed working with you and your family! The energy your children brought to the session made my day, and I am grateful that I was able to work with you! May God bless you as you continue to raise your littles!

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