Truck Bed Fall Minis

Truck bed Fall minis were a huge success this year! This is one of my most popular seasonal mini sessions for good reason! It’s a fun setup with a fun Fall feel to it! I limited my bookings this year to four, and I loved working with all four groups that booked one!

First family I photographed was actually my own! My mom wanted to get some pictures of my whole family for Christmas cards, so I took pictures of my brothers’ families. When it was our family’s turn, my oldest brother manned the camera, and the tripod came out for the big group shot. It was pretty spur of the moment, so I was very happy with how well the outfits fit together. Gotta say that this family is one of my favorites!

Next up was the Spear family. They were so easy-going and fun to work with! While I loved all of their pictures, my favorite shot was the one with the children by themselves. It was such a sweet shot!

The Knelsen family was the last family I photographed. They were such a sweet family! Karina did such a good job of coordinating their outfits, and the children did so well with their session! I had so many favorites from their session!

And my last session was a couple session. Working with Sara and David was so great! I kept telling them they were perfect, and they found it amusing, but it was true! It was so hard to narrow their pictures down because they were all perfect!

I’m so grateful to everyone who allowed me to capture their memories this Fall! It is always such an honor to be able to work with such amazing people!

Want to see more like these truck bed fall minis? Check out a session here!

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