Unger Extended Family Session

Anytime you get more than sixty people together for an extended family session, it is going to be a bit of a challenge. But getting almost the whole extended family on one picture is so worth it!

So what does an extended family session look like? Of course, every family and what they are wanting is different, but in general, an extended family session will start with the whole group shot. Getting that shot takes patience and a lot of maneuvering to get everyone in place. But it is so worth it to get this shot of everyone together. From there, we branch off into getting different combinations. In this case, we got some shots of Grandma with all of her grandchildren. Then Grandma with just the girls, then with just the boys, etc. From there, we get individual families for those who want one of those.

This particular family session was in honor of Grandma’s seventieth birthday, so that is definitely something to celebrate! Not quite all of the grandchildren were able to make it, but almost the entire family gathered together to celebrate her birthday, and they used this opportunity to get pictures taken.

The family was so much fun to work with! They are such a happy, talkative family! They made it so easy to work with them! When working with this big of a group, especially when there are little ones in the mix, can be very unpredictable, but it went so smoothly! We did have a little guy that had a bit of a break down in the middle of pictures, but he cheered up a little while later. It worked out perfectly.

Unger family, I had so much fun working with all of you! I hope these pictures bring you joy!

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