Motherhood Session

When Amy contacted me about doing this session, I was so excited with her vision for it! She wanted to capture the aspect of home-making as a mother. As we planned this session together, I knew it was going to be amazing! I can’t wait to share this motherhood session with you!

Amy had the perfect house for this session! There was beautiful natural light, and the outfits she choose for herself and her little guy were perfect!

We started the session with coffee, because what better way to start the day? Then she got her little guy up, and we worked on getting pictures of everyday life… making food, baking cookies, etc. Parker was still a little sleepy and kept staring at me. It resulted in some super sweet pictures! Some of my favorite pictures are of Parker eating a cookie and looking at me with his huge eyes!

We ended the session with her reading some books to her little guy. I love the way these pictures turned out!

Amy wanted the pictures for an article (which will be in the Daughters of Promise magazine) that she was writing about hospitality, and she shows it so well in her life. She sent me home with some cookies and a jar of delicious soup!

Amy, it was so great working with you and Parker! I had so much fun being able to get creative with the pictures that we took!

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  1. Amy says:

    Wow thank you Lydia! It was an absolute blast working with you! I appreciate you so much. Thank you for doing such a good job!!

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