Becoming Lydia Wiebe Photography – Pt. 1

I have eaten every single word that I’ve said about photography. Every. Single. One.

I’ve always loved taking pictures. I remember how my mom used to always buy the disposable cameras for us to use when we went on field trips or things of that sort, and I loved it. I was always taking pictures of something or other. I don’t remember exactly when I got my first camera, but I do remember being overjoyed!

So if that’s the case, what was it that I had to take back? I’m glad you asked.

#1. “I’m not interested in taking pictures of people. I just like nature photography.”

Yes, I really said that. I had to remind myself on vacations that my mom might like to have pictures of the people that were there, and not just the beautiful surroundings. Posing and the other stuff that went with taking pictures of people… just not my thing.

I still love taking pictures of nature, but I’ve come to love all that comes with taking pictures of people. The very thing I didn’t like, I’ve come to love!

This next one came after I already realized how great people photography was. I had just watched a free online course and there was an advertisement for the full course.

#2. “I would never pay that much to learn how to take pictures better. I do want to learn, but I’ll just use Youtube videos.”

A word of advice. That is bad logic. Youtube videos are great in their place, but for something like this, investing in your education is 100% worth it! And if you’re like me, you won’t actually ever get around to watching those Youtube videos. They’re almost too convenient. (But maybe that’s just me…)

It was not that much later that I got an email about a Black Friday sale, and I caved and bought the full course. It has paid for itself many times over!

#3. “I am not interested in actually starting a business. I’m enjoying my newfound knowledge, but I don’t want to go beyond taking pictures of friends and family.”

It didn’t take me long to figure out that this one wasn’t going to stick. The more I learned, the more I came to enjoy what I was doing. The more I enjoyed what I was doing, the more I realized that it would be a great side-hustle. I mean what could be better than making money doing something you love?

#4. “I am not interested in shooting weddings.”

Now that I had my business started, I was loving it, but had come to the firm conclusion that weddings were not really my thing. Let the other photographers handle the stress of a wedding day.

But one day, a photographer reached out to me and told me of an inquiry she had gotten to shoot a wedding. She wasn’t able to do it and wanted to know if she should recommend me.

You guessed it. I said yes. Not right away. Weddings are scary things, and I went back and forth before giving my final answer. But I ended up loving it! I’ve had the privilege of working with several brides, and have enjoyed it immensely. I still don’t specialize in weddings and don’t know if I ever will, but I won’t turn you down if I have the opportunity to shoot your wedding!

So this shows you a little bit of my journey into becoming a photographer. Be on the lookout for Pt. 2 where I share some of the people who were instrumental in helping me become the photographer that I am.

  1. Eva Dyck says:

    I love it!! You’re and inspiration!

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