Scrapbook Memories- Airsho 2010

Airsho 2010

Airplanes have definitely not been one of my favorite things while growing up. But I grew up with two older brothers and one younger one, so I heard about airplanes, cars, and trucks a lot! Then add on the fact that my dad not only really enjoyed airplanes, but had also trained to be an airplane mechanic… I definitely heard a lot about them. So it’s not a surprise that Midland’s annual Airsho was something we regularly attended. The Airsho in 2010 was no exception.

For the guys, they loved being able to walk around, checking out each of the airplanes, discussing all of the technicalities, what war they were used in, etc. For me, it was a chance to hang out with friends and family. I enjoyed it to a point. I much preferred the actual show to just looking at airplanes. But one of my favorite things was having a camera on me and taking as many cool shots as I could. I didn’t care what kind of airplane it was, but I did want to take pictures of them.

This particular airshow, I had my mom’s camera. It was the coolest camera ever! It was bigger than any I’d ever handled, and since Mom had chosen not to come, I got to use it. I was so excited! (Looking back, I now know that the camera I was using was not nearly the best technology. It was not even an DSLR, but it didn’t matter to me!)

The Shot Of The Day- Airsho 2010

Besides hanging out with my favorite cousin and a good friend, the best part of the Airsho was being able to take pictures. My prize picture that I took that day happened completely by chance. I had the camera to my eye, looking through the viewfinder right as an airplane zoomed past. This airplane had a wing walker on it, and right as it passed the audience, the wing walked and pilot crossed sword (not real ones of course), and I captured it on camera! I couldn’t get over it! You can see my prized photo down below.

The worst part of the airshow was always leaving. Sometimes we stayed to watch the night show, other times we left at supper time. Whatever time we chose to leave, I always remember being so tired and ready to get home! It always took way too long!

Thinking back to that day, I can remember how proud I was of the pictures I had taken! Yes, I was tired at the end of the day, but it was fun, even though I didn’t like airplanes! Airsho 2010 was a success!

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