Scrapbook Memories – Bahama Cruise

View from the Cruise ship

It was hot! Sweat dripped off of foreheads, and the sun beat down on us. In the stifling heat, the sound of a phone broke the silence. We all held our breath, looking at Mom with anticipation. It didn’t take long to realize that it was not the long awaited phone call for our Bahama cruise, but the insurance adjustor.

The Start

It all started with a brochure. Some of our favorite singers were planning to be on a cruise heading to the Bahamas. The Sail and Sing cruise was exactly the type of thing we would love to do. Then my sister Megan made an innocent comment. “I would hoe to earn money to go on that cruise.” We all enthusiastically agreed, all the while thinking that it wouldn’t happen. Cruises were way too expensive! To our surprise and delight, my parents talked it over and decided that we would do it! Hoe for the summer, and in February, we would go on the cruise to the Bahamas.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept of hoeing, this is something that is commonly done in our area of Texas. To keep the fields free from weeds, you walk up and down the rows of the field and chop out the weeds growing there. It is tedious work that involves lots of walking, watching out for rattlesnakes, swatting bugs, and sweating.

So that is where our summer found us. We worked hard that summer, hoeing eight hour days (which is actually pretty short according to a lot of people.) While the work was hard and the days hot, we spent our time talking about the cruise. It was so exciting! The day Mom called to book our spot, we were so nervous that the cruise would be full already. We waited with baited breath for the travel agent to call us back. We were elated when the call came and we were officially going to the Bahamas!

Bahama Cruise

When February rolled around, we packed up and drove from Texas to Florida. We listened to audio dramas on the way there to help pass the time, and after lots of driving we made it!

The cruise was filled with adventure and was every bit as exciting as we had anticipated. We explored the ship, ate lots of ice cream (which was free and served on the deck throughout the day), swam, and raced up the stairs of the massive ship (because who uses an elevator?)

We loved our waiter who was from India, and enjoyed trying out new foods. Snorkeling in the ocean at a private island owned by the Royal Caribbean cruise line was amazing! We got a tour of the Bahamas by a tour guide named Wellington and were able to visit two different forts on the island.

In Key West, we explored on foot, enjoying the scenery, the market, and of course the key lime pie.

On the cruise liner itself, we were able to watch concerts by some of our favorite singers, and we even ran into some people we knew.

I remember being in awe as I looked across the ocean. Standing on a huge cruise liner, yet all around just water everywhere. The vastness of it all reminded us of what an amazing God we have! His creation is marvelous!

We made so many memories that I will never forget! They are even more meaningful when I remember the hard work we put in to be able to make them! I’m grateful for the opportunity to see all of the amazing creation and reflect on the greatness of the Creator!

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  1. Annie Harms says:

    Wow that was fun to read =) we also went on a sail & sing cruise 🚢 but ours was to Alaska lots of cold weather would like to go to the Bahamas one day too

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