Scrapbook Memories- End of Trail Show

picture of end of trail show 2011

From magic shows to horseback riding to shooting a gatling gun, the End of Trail Show was definitely not lacking for excitement!

Albuquerque, New Mexico, was the destination of our summer vacation. The older boys and I had been there before, but for the youngest ones and Mom, it was their first time. We were all excited for the adventures ahead!

End of Trail Show

It was hot. The memory of the heat stands out as I think of our time in Albuquerque. Also, our eyes hurt. Why? you ask. Because of all the dust thrown up by the horses’ hooves, of course.

Our first day was spent with basically just watching the horse riders. They were doing barrel racing with a twist. At certain places, as they were rounding the barrels, they had to shoot balloons! They were using blanks of course. It was absolutely fascinating. Of course, the down side to that was that our eyes got extremely sore because of all the dust. We remedied that with some eye drops and sunglasses to wear the next day!

Another memorable experience at the End of Trails Show was when we were watching the magician act. It was pretty neat, all of the tricks the magician was doing. The he said, “I need a volunteer from the audience.” He looked around, pointed at me, and said, “How about that little lady who’s smiling so big.” For one, I hadn’t realized I was smiling. For two, I don’t like being in front of crowds! It didn’t matter that there wasn’t a big audience. It was scary! But I was brave. I made my way to the front and “assisted” him by holding the rings that he effortlessly pulled apart and put back together even though they were completely solid. Once I got over the fact that I was standing in front of an audience, I thought it was neat that I had that experience!

We enjoyed our trip to the End of Trail Show immensely!

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