Beautiful Fall Family Session

You know those people that you grew up with, watched as they entered different stages of life, and seen them grow? The Hildebrand family is one of those for me, which is one reason I was so excited to capture this fall family session! I’m so excited to share these with you!

I met Sarah when I entered second grade at a new school. I decided she was my new best friend. And yes, we went through all the drama that school girls go through. Willie was in my brother’s class in school. When we all go older, we hung out at the same youth group. Now these two are married with three little girls and are serving in our church! It’s been a blessing to see how they are serving God together in their marriage! I was grateful to be able to capture their family pictures! Their family is so sweet!

The weather was absolutely beautiful on the day of our session and Sarah’s outfit choice was perfect for this fall family session! The little girls were such little ladies and behaved so well on their session! Did we have couple of issues because the littlest of the three is a Daddy’s girl? Yes, but despite that, we got some amazing pictures! My favorite has to be the picture where Heidi saw a kitten. Her expression was so thrilled! You can tell she’s an animal lover!

And of course, I love being able to pull Mom and Dad aside and grab a couple of pictures of just the two of them! They are where this family started, and it’s so important to capture the love that started it all!

Hildebrand family, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your family memories! It was an honor working with you and your girls! They are the sweetest, but that’s no surprise knowing who their parents are! May God bless you as you continue raising your family!

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