Mackenzie Park Anniversary Session

Gorgeous light, a beautiful river, and love that endures over the years… What more could you ask for? I am so excited to share this Mackenzie Park anniversary session with you!

This session was special for several reasons! First of all, these are my parents. They are the ones who have always supported me in starting my business, and being able to capture this season of their life is such an honor.

Mom and Dad are the ones who have shown me what enduring love is. They still enjoy going on dates and having alone time. They are coming up on their thirtieth anniversary in July, and that is the second reason why this was a special session. While I love being able to capture young couples, there’s something great about being able to capture the love of couples that are well into their forever!

This session was definitely an interesting one! We stopped at a gas station right before the session. There we saw people on horseback, as well as a Hummer limo.

When we reached our photo shoot, we found that they had taken down the train trestle that was going to be the background for the pictures. Oh, and did I mention the fact that there were some people driving around on dirt bikes? Despite that fact, we got some amazing shots! The river was beautiful, and the glow perfect!

As always, we got a mixture of candid shots and portraits. We got a lot of variety and I have so many favorites! I love the twirling ones! Mom’s (Sara’s) choice of outfit fit so well with the scenery!

Mom and Dad, thank you for this opportunity to take your pictures! Thank you for being a good example of what true love looks like! I’m excited for your upcoming thirtieth anniversary and seeing where God leads you next!

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  1. Anny says:

    Wow these are stunning! I love love the location! It’s so pretty 😍

  2. Katharina Janzen says:

    Oh how sweet 🥰 beautiful!

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