Colorado Anniversary Session

When you’re in Colorado over your anniversary, you have to get pictures taken, right? This Colorado anniversary session was an absolute dream!

When we started planning our Colorado vacation, I toyed with the idea of doing a photo session with my parents. But I didn’t mention anything about it though, because I figured that maybe family vacation wasn’t the time to do it… So how did we end up with this beautiful session? Well, it turns out our vacation was over their anniversary. How could we pass up that opportunity?

Our planning was a little last minute. I searched Google to find the perfect location for the pictures. Mom looked through her suitcase to find outfits for the session. Then we were off.

This location delivered everything we were looking for! Palmer Park has a good variety of places to take pictures. I think we could have stayed here all evening. We started right at the beginning of the trail, then hiked further in to find my ultimate favorite spot of the evening! It was a win-win because we got amazing pictures and some extra hiking.

This session was so special for me in more ways than one. Doing photos like this was on my bucket list. The majestic mountains, Colorado landscape… It was a dream session! But more than that, I love being able to work with couples that are celebrating anniversaries. Seeing couples who have stuck together through the good times and the bad, who have continued to grow in their love for each other, who are in it for the long haul… It is such an inspiration to me.

My parents have been such an amazing example of what a Christ-centered marriage looks like, and I couldn’t be more blessed to have them in my life!

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