Summer Days

Summer days: cool mornings, hot afternoons, beautiful flowers, time to spend with family…

For those of you who don’t know me, I am not only a photographer but also a teacher. So from the months of August to May, my time is filled with school. Because of that, I enjoy the extra time that my summer break gives me, especially because I get to spend more time with family. This summer was no exception! Today I’m going to be giving you a glimpse into that part of my life! (Also, if you’re just here to see the pictures, scroll down. There are some of the cutest ones down there. Believe me, I’m not biased at all! 😉

Making Memories

We spent a lot of June preparing for my sister’s wedding. Because of the busyness of June, Mom made sure to plan a fun outing to my aunt’s house. (My aunt homesteads and is amazing at it!) We went with the intent of exploring her flower garden, and the children being able to see their animals. Of course, I brought my camera along to capture the good times!

It was a beautiful morning! We walked through the flower garden. I took some pictures of my sister-in-law Liliana with her girls, and I love the way they turned out! They are the sweetest!

The children did get their opportunity to see the animals, and they enjoyed swinging, walking to the pond, and petting the puppies and kittens. At first, my nephews were a bit wary of them, but they warmed up to them later.

It was a great morning that we ended with pizza at Mom and Dad’s.

Days like these remind me how important the little moments are. I am seriously blessed with the best family, and I am so glad that I am able to spend this time with them!

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