Flower Photo Shoot

Friends, flowers, and laughter… This flower photo shoot was the perfect way to end the summer before school started. I am so excited to share these pictures with you!

The girls worked together in the garden throughout the summer. They enjoyed picking flowers, making bouquets, and delivering them to many different people. After they were done with making bouquets, they worked in the rest of the garden. They had so much doing this, that they decided to make a photo shoot out of it!

We started the session a little after sunrise, so we could get the early morning glow. It was a beautiful morning, with just a slight breeze.

We started out very casually, with the girls doing their picking of flowers, and my capturing it as they went. Occasionally, I would tell them to slow down so I could get a picture. Then we moved into a couple of more posed pictures. I loved the way these pictures turned out!

Once they were finished with picking flowers, I took pictures as they arranged bouquets. As someone who has zero skill with that, I enjoyed watching as they arranged them. There were some lovely bouquets!

Like most friend sessions, there was a lot of laughter and joking around as the session progressed. It’s always a lot of fun when you throw several friends together for a photo session! I highly recommend getting your friends together for a session like this! It makes the session even more fun, if you have an activity to do while taking pictures. It could be taking pictures, having a picnic, being at a coffee shop, etc. You won’t regret getting pictures of you and your friends!

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