Jessie’s Bakery Branding Session

What could be better than a photo session that includes baked goods? This bakery branding session was so much fun!

First of all, what exactly is a branding session? It is more than just headshots, more than just product photography. These sessions are for business owners who want to have a personal touch in their business. They are a great way to showcase not only your business, but also who you are as a business owner. They give great images to use on websites, social media, email marketing, etc.

There is a lot of planning that goes into a branding session. As we talk about what you want to show, we plan for amount of outfits, props to use, etc. As we plan, we will talk about which behind the scenes stuff you would like to show. We also plan the location based on where you run your business and what aesthetic you want your images to have. This could mean we use your home if that is where you run your business from, or we go to a coffee shop (That’s where I got my branding photos done, because it fits my brand aesthetic and I like to say it’s my second home:). If you want the in home feel, but you don’t want to do it in your own home, you could look into renting a home for your session.

Bakery Branding Session

Now that we’ve cleared up what a branding session is, let’s talk about this branding session! Jessie’s Bakery is run by my cousin Jessica. She’s an amazingly talented baker! Her cheesecakes are amazing, and I haven’t had anything she’s made that wasn’t good!

This session was so much fun! Because Jessie’s kitchen didn’t have the aesthetic she wanted, we used an aunt’s house for the session, and it was absolutely perfect! The session consisted of Jessica baking several items and decorating a cheesecake. We got some shots of her working, as well as some fun shots with flour. In between, we joked about lemons being photogenic and talked about all sorts of random stuff! We also taste tested some of the baked goods!

Once session was over, Jessica sent me away with a plate of baked goodies! I am not complaining! They were so good!

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