Fredericksburg Texas Portrait Session

A beautiful smile, and a heart for teaching and serving God! It was such an honor to work with Eva in this beautiful Fredericksburg Texas Portrait Session!

Funny how things change. Six years ago, this young lady was a student of mine. Now we are co-teachers, and our relationship has changed from being a good teacher-student relationship to being a great friendship! It certainly is wonderful how God works! And that makes this session all the more special!

Eva was hoping to get some good pictures to use for some school stuff, and we were planning to do a mini session in town. But then we planned a trip to Fredericksburg, and decided to use that opportunity to get some pictures there. I mean, girls trip to Fredericksburg AND a photo shoot: How much better could it get?

Fredericksburg Portrait Session

We started in the early morning, while the streets were empty of all but a few people. There were so many beautiful buildings, and we walked from place to place, getting lots of great pictures! Eva was such a natural in front of the camera and her light blue dress complemented the building perfectly! We got some of my favorite pictures here! The lighting was perfect.

After we finished in downtown Fredericksburg (including breakfast at a German bakery), we headed to Wildseed Farms for the second outfit. There weren’t any wildflowers in bloom while we were there, but there were still many beautiful areas to take pictures. Eva chose a darker outfit for her second outfit, and it was perfect for this location. We walked around finding different areas to use, and we finished up with some of my favorite images with a row of trees!

Eva, it was a pleasure to work with you! You truly are a beautiful lady inside and out, and anytime you want to go somewhere to take pictures or explore, I am definitely in!

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