Coffee Chronicles Branding Session

Coffee and a photo session? Yes, please. I had so much fun shooting the Coffee Chronicles branding session! You don’t want to miss this blog post!

If you’ve followed along here for while, you probably already know that I love coffee. Not black coffee (or real coffee, as my dad would call it)… my coffee has to be sweet and cold! I’m not really a coffee oficionado. I just drink it. The other stuff… well, I leave that to the other members of my family.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited when my sisters and brother-in-law decided to start a coffee booth, the Coffee Chronicles, that they plan to have at events, such as farmers market. I was there for a lot of their planning, seeing it go from being a neat idea to becoming reality. Hannah, David, and Megan spent a lot of time researching, throwing around ideas, and figuring out recipes. Now it’s almost time for their first event, so they decided to get some branding pictures taken.

We started the session with Hannah, David, and Megan all taking turns making different coffees. I took detail shots of them as they made the coffees. From there I took the coffees and styled them. It was a lot of fun, getting creative with these shots! And of course, there had to be some sampling of the coffee in between (but only after I got the shots I needed.)

This session was so much fun, and I can’t wait to see where this business venture goes! If you have a chance to stop at Farmer’s Market at Blumenflor, I highly recommend trying out their coffee!

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