Fredericksburg Wildflower Session

Have you ever been to the Hill Country to see the wildflowers? If not, I highly recommend! You don’t want to miss this gorgeous Fredericksburg wildflower session!

I’ve been to Fredericksburg several times with friends (If you read my blog, you probably know I was there a couple of weeks ago), but I have always missed peek wildflower season. So after our Fredericksburg vacation in February when you could see that the flowers were about to start blooming in full force, my sister and I decided we needed to make a quick trip back to have a photo session. When we told my mom and other sister, they both decided that they needed a wildflower session as well. (It’s a good thing my dad and brother-in-law don’t hate pictures:)

We drove part of the way to Fredericksburg Friday evening, then stayed the night at a hotel and drove the rest of the way in the morning, getting to Wildseed Farms at 9:30. After walking around a bit, we found the perfect spot to take pictures. We couldn’t get very close to the field of bluebonnets. (If I were to do this again, I would find a different location for the bluebonnets, but it was a quick trip, so there wasn’t time for that.) We did find some growing along the fence, and so we started there.

From there, we headed to the front area, where we could walk among the poppies. They were absolutely gorgeous! I alternated between getting pictures of Mom and Dad, Hannah and David, and Megan. I even got a couple pictures of myself! (Any photographers agree that it’s hard to get in front of the camera yourself? Or is it just me?)

We were in awe of all the beauty that we saw! The bluebonnets, poppies, and other wildflowers… I am so grateful that I get to capture the beauty of God’s creation, as well as the stories of His people!


Mom and Dad

Hannah and David

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