From magic shows to horseback riding to shooting a gatling gun, the End of Trail Show was definitely not lacking for excitement! Albuquerque, New Mexico, was the destination of our summer vacation. The older boys and I had been there before, but for the youngest ones and Mom, it was their first time. We were […]

picture of end of trail show 2011

I often enjoyed going along with my older brothers on their adventures, but sometimes they didn’t end up so well. This one left us stuck in the mud! It was winter, and it was frigid outside. The ground was frozen, and it was a Saturday. We were eating breakfast together, when my brother Jacob asked […]

Stuck in the mud

Airplanes have definitely not been one of my favorite things while growing up. But I grew up with two older brothers and one younger one, so I heard about airplanes, cars, and trucks a lot! Then add on the fact that my dad not only really enjoyed airplanes, but had also trained to be an […]

Airsho 2010

It was hot! Sweat dripped off of foreheads, and the sun beat down on us. In the stifling heat, the sound of a phone broke the silence. We all held our breath, looking at Mom with anticipation. It didn’t take long to realize that it was not the long awaited phone call for our Bahama […]

View from the Cruise ship
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Based in Seminole Tx 
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