Wiebe Family Session

Family sitting in front of pond

I took their pictures when they first started dating. Then when they got engaged, I was able to take their engagement and wedding pictures. I’ve been privileged to shoot both of their newborns! So I was thrilled with being able to capture the Wiebe Family Session once more! I love being able to capture memories with you as your family grows!

Wiebe Family Session

The weather was absolutely gorgeous on the day of our session. With a cool breeze and a pretty pond, the evening was beautiful! The two little guys smiled so well, and it made for some great pictures! Little Elijah had so much fun exploring in between pictures. He especially like picking up sticks and sharing them with everyone! You’ll see what I mean in one of the pictures below. With little ones, it’s easy for them to get tired of sitting and posing, especially when there’s so much interesting stuff to see, so when the little guys got restless, we played some Peekaboo and “I’m gonna get you!” (which is me saying, “I’m gonna get you” several times so that they giggle, snapping a couple of pictures, and then running up to them and tickling them! Does it look silly? Yes. Does it get great smiles? Absolutely!)

Helen did such a great job of coordinating their outfits. The little boys looked so handsome in their button down shirts and jeans! And with the tips and tricks I use, I was able to get everyone smiling and looking at the camera!

This session was so much fun! The boys did so well, and the pictures were exactly what I was hoping for. Despite the fact that sessions with little children can be difficult, I love being able to capture this time of life! It is worth it! The challenges also bring so much joy!

Lucas and Helen, thank you for allowing me to capture your family once again! Keep up the hard work that you are doing as you raise your boys! May God bless you!

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