In our house, we have a lot of pictures. I don’t mean just a couple of them hanging on the walls here and there. I mean, a lot. We have family pictures hanging in our living room, newborn pictures in the hallway, more family pictures in the dining room. And then there’s the kitchen. It’s […]

Family picture in Granbury

They’ve taught me everything I know about love. During my growing up years, I’ve watched them in their marriage, and they’ve taught me that I want nothing less in mine. No, they haven’t been perfect. They have their flaws, and they would be the first to admit it. But they love each other, and not […]

You’ve probably heard the term mini session many times. But what exactly is a mini session and what would be the reason you would choose that over a full session? First of all, what is a mini session? A mini session is… ~A shorter session (for me that means a fifteen minute session, but the […]

Priceless. That’s the word that comes to mind as I look through all of these adorable newborn pictures. The moment you have been waiting for is finally here and you can hold your baby in your arms! Yet how quickly the times flies! The newborn stage only lasts a little while and soon your little […]

Memories. They’re so important! Today, I’m sharing a bit about the people in my life, because to talk about my journey into photography wouldn’t be complete without talking about the ones who inspired me and helped me become the photographer I am now! First of all, my parents. They’re the ones who bought me my […]

I have eaten every single word that I’ve said about photography. Every. Single. One. I’ve always loved taking pictures. I remember how my mom used to always buy the disposable cameras for us to use when we went on field trips or things of that sort, and I loved it. I was always taking pictures […]

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Lydia Wiebe

Based in seminole, TX
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Based in Seminole Tx 
Serving West Texas